Private floor

Kinoie is an apartment hotel where you can book a private floor in the wooden house. You can spend relaxing and comfortable time just like being at home.

1st floor, Indigo Room (Ai no ma)

Deep blue is the theme color of the Indigo Room. Relaxing atmosphere with inner garden view.

41 sq m / 5 guests
From 22,000 yen per night

2nd floor, Scarlet Room (Akane no ma)

Warm red is the theme color of the Scarlet Room. Open plan with skylight in high ceiling.

42 sq m / 5 guests
From 22,000 yen per night

Floor Plan

When you enter the entrance, you will find a cozy living/dining area and a practical kitchen. Walking through the corridor with a shower room and a toilet on the side, you will find a Japanese-style bedroom to sleep with futon on tatami mats.

Both floors have the same floor plan, please choose between the relaxing 1st floor and the open 2nd floor.

1st floor

2nd floor

Living / dining area

With an original table and comfortable chairs. Feel free to use the comfortable area for dining or to watch TV.
* This photo is on 1st floor

Japanese-style room

A relaxing space with the scent of soft rush of tatami. The room will turn into a bedroom when laying futons stored in the hanging closet.
* This photo is on 2nd floor


Fully equipped including cookware, tableware and cutlery.


Practical wash basin. A washing machine is equipped.


You can stay clean and tidy every day.


The following items are available in the rooms.

Living / dining area
Dining table and chairs, LCD TV (android TV)
5 single futon sets (with sheets), sitting table, hanger rack, small LCD TV
IH cooking heater, refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, cookware, tableware and cutlery
* Please prepare your own seasoning.
Shower / Washroom
Amenities (Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body towel, toothbrush, toothpaste), bath towels, face towels, slippers, hair dryer, washing machine (with detergent)
* Please bring your own razor.
Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning