Experience real life in Tokyo

with all five senses

Kinoie MORISHITA is a small two-story wooden apartment hotel located in Morishita, Koto Ward, Tokyo. On your own private floor, you can enjoy real life in old downtown Tokyo as if you live here. This is a great place to relax on your own as well as spend fun times with family and friends. We wish your nice and comfortable stay in our hotel.

About us

"Kinoie" means wooden house in Japanese. Here are our thoughts behind its name.

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Kinoie offers two different private apartments. You can choose between the one on the first floor with the inner garden view and on the second floor with a sense of openness.

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Morishita, Koto Ward, is situated in the eastern Tokyo area, which has been getting popular in recent years. This old downtown area has good access to major tourist attractions and is also fun to walk around.

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More Information can be found on Instagram! Please post with a hashtag #kinoiemorishita.