About us

Our Concepts

Kinoie is a small apartment hotel where you can experience real Japanese daily life in old downtown Tokyo. Staying in a private floor in the newly built wooden house, you can enjoy your stay as if you truly live in a detached house in Tokyo.

Kinoie means "wooden house" in Japanese. We named our hotel Kinoie, in the image of home where you spend a relaxing time surrounded by the warmth of wood. We hope your comfortable stay in the Japanese space.

What makes us unique?

Kinoie is a unique accommodation compared to other hotels. Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy your stay at our hotel.

Materials and craftmanship

Selected natural materials including famous Japanese timber are used in the construction of the wooden house. The charm of the high-quality wooden house has been brought out by the skilled craftmanship. The fine scent of wood will make you feel like as if you are surrounded in a forest.

Japanese living

Take off your shoes at the entrance, feel the comfort of tatami mats with barefoot, and sleep with futon in the Japanese room… The Japanese living may be a little different from yours. You can experience usual Japanese everyday living.

Real old downtown Culture

Kinoie is located in Morishita Koto Ward, and it is in the Fukagawa area called Shitamachi (old downtown area). The area includes not only casual restaurants in nostalgic atmosphere, but also many latest sightseeing spots. Please experience the real old down town Tokyo atmosphere with all five senses.


Eco Reform inc., the building company and the management of Kinoie, is a renovation company specialized in major remodeling of old wooden houses. The constructor, its parent company, has been building wooden houses using natural materials for over 50 years. Eco Reform inc. knows all about Japanese wooden houses, and therefore we guarantee safety and comfort.

Eco Reform inc. supports lifestyle in a wooden house with extensive knowledge and experience.

Eco-Reform Inc. (Japanese)