Our location

Kinoie MORISHIRTA is located in Morishita, Koto-Ku. This is the attractive old downtown Tokyo area.

Easy access!

The nearest station, Morishita station, is on the Toei Shinjuku Line and the Toei Oedo Line, providing good access to major stations and tourist attractions. It takes 2-minute walk from Kinoie MORISHITA to the station. You can take the subway from the station to explore Tokyo in any directions.

Morishita Station A5 exit

Morishita Station A4 exit

  • Travel time to major stations
  • 7 minutes to Tokyo Station
    (Toei Shinjuku Line, JR Sobu Line)
  • 8 minutes to Ueno Station
    (Toei Oedo Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)
  • 10 minutes to Ginza Station
    (Toei Shinjuku Line, Toei Asakusa Line)
  • 14 minutes to Shinjuku Station
    (Toei Shinjuku Line)
  • 21 minutes to Shibuya Station
    (Toei Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line)
  • Access to tourist attractions
  • 9 minutes to Tokyo Sky Tree
    (One transfer)
  • 18 minutes to Kabuki-za
    (One transfer)
  • 20 minutes to Sensoji Temple
    (One transfer)
  • 28 minutes to Tokyo Tower
    (No transfers)
  • 44 minutes to Tokyo Disney Resort
    (Two transfers)

Fun to walk around!

Morishita was once called Fukagawa, is an old downtown area with the bustle of the Edo period. You can feel the unique old downtown atmosphere, exploring historical spots, retro shopping streets and hidden restaurants.

Besides, East Tokyo has been attracting attention as a trendy area in recent years. Kiyosumi Shirakawa, known as the town of art and coffee, is a typical example. You can find stylish shops everywhere in the area.

Basho Museum

Takabashi shopping street

Area map

We've picked out some of recommended spots around Kinoie. You can access more information by using the numbers on the map or the mark at the top left of the map. We hope you will take advantage of it when you go out.

  1. Basho Memorial Hall, Koto-ku
  2. Bashoan Memorial Garden
  3. Fukagawa Shinmeigu Shrine
  4. Takabashi Shopping Street(Takabashi-Norakurodo)
  5. Tagawa Suiho Norakuro-kan(Norakuro building)
  6. Fukagawa Edo Museum
  7. Kiyosumi Gardens
  8. Kokugikan(Sumo Arena)
  9. Sumida Hokusai Museum


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